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A broad range of industries demands a broad range of product characteristics.

Whether UV-stable plastics, high or low gloss surfaces, brilliant colors for lifestyle goods or foaming agents for high-quality foamed products, we offer you technical expertise for an enormous palette of applications in the plastics industry and assist you in fulfilling your customers' wishes.


Rowa Inc. produces specialty performance added engineered compounds utilizing Romira technology ( for highly functional performance and weatherable polymers. improve processability and finished product performance.

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Additive Masterbatch Concentrates

Rowa Inc. produces innovative Additive Materbatch Concentrates for a variety of applications & processes. Rowa Inc. Additive Masterbatch Concentrates are formulated for use in a broad range of polymers to improve processability and finished product performance.

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Chemical Foaming Agents

Our TRACEL® products are especially developed for foaming of plastics and elastomers. Selected additve-masterbatches complete our portfolio. Our product range can be used for a wide variety of applications.

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