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News from 07.05.2024


Pinneberg/Germany, May 2024 – The LURANYL® compounds represent a highly valued product group in the ROMIRA portfolio and have been for many years. Their applications in injection molding and extrusion are primarily based on an increased heat resistance. As well as the established standard grades, ROMIRA can always provide customized solutions if required. Read more
News from 24.04.2024


Pinneberg/Germany, April 2024 – The way an object looks and how it feels is playing an increasingly important role in the purchasing decision process - and this begins with the packaging, which gives an indication of the value of the contents. Products or packaging that resemble natural materials are proving to be a particularly popular choice with end consumers. Read more
News from 16.04.2024

New cleaning agent from ROWASOL speeds up color changes

Pinneberg/Germany, April 2024 – When using liquid colors for coloring plastics, beside peristaltic pumps also other dosing systems are used whose pump heads must either be replaced or cleaned when the color is changed. For the latter, ROWASOL has now developed a dispersion that enables effective and gentle rinsing and also speeds up the color change on the injection molding machine and extruder. Read more
News from 10.04.2024


Pinneberg/Germany, April 2024 – Metallic designs are the latest trend: they can be modern, audacious and glamorous – in particular the radiator grille, which is a highly recognizable part of the vehicle. The advent of e-mobility has meant that the grille has lost its intended function, leaving room for creativity in the truest sense of the word. Read more
News from 03.04.2024

ROWA Lack present at the leading international trade fair Techtextil

Pinneberg/Germany, April 2024 – Leading international trade fair Techtextil will open its doors for the 20th time from 23 to 26 April 2024. Exhibitors and visitors will once again have the opportunity to come together in Frankfurt to discuss the latest trends and innovations in the field of technical textiles. ROWA Lack will of course attend this renowned industry event and will be presenting its… Read more
News from 26.10.2023


Pinneberg/Germany, September, 2023 – News from USA! Trucks at their best: ROTEC® AC-MA grades are widely used in high gloss applications in deep black and other colors including new metallic colors for many automotive OEM. ROWA Inc. worked together with ROMIRA’s technical team automotive experts, to develop a low gloss AC-MA material for cap stock truck fender extension applications of a well… Read more
News from 05.10.2023

Reliably testing process parameters and pigment dispersion

Pinneberg/Germany, October 2023 – Color expert ROWA Masterbatch has once again demonstrated its high quality standards: As part of a master thesis, the project team subjected a new testing device and the testing procedure to rigorous examination. Read more

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