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Special reprint: A perfect harmony of color, function and process

What the path to the ideal color solution for a plastic component looks like

Special reprint: A perfect harmony of color, function and process

What the path to the ideal color solution for a plastic component looks like
News from 24.03.2016

Good news for the environment: bio-based plastics from ROMIRA

ROMIRA takes environmental protection very seriously: The Pinneberg, Germany, based specialist for technical plastics actively supports the environment with its wide range of sustainable products. ROMIRA can offer a range of tailor-made plastic compounds that are either partially or completely made from renewable raw materials, which accordingly have a smaller “carbon footprint”. Read more
News from 21.03.2016

That’s pretty slick: Lubricants by ROWA Masterbatch

As a specialist for polymer specific solutions ROWA Masterbatch, with the product group ROWALID®-GL ROWA Masterbatch offers different lubricants for use in technical parts. Read more
News from 17.03.2016

A shining cooperation: ROWA Masterbatch and EG-Plastic

ROWA Masterbatch has supplied EG-Plastic for many years with ROWALID®-PC concentrates for the colouring of tea light cups. Read more
News from 07.03.2016

Technical plastics in medical technology

ROMIRA, the specialist for technical plastics, offers a range of technical thermoplastics which are excellently suited for applications in the medical technology. Read more
News from 03.03.2016

Colour effects: individual solutions by ROMIRA

The glitter of colours has a special attraction for the human eye. Since things that sparkle or shimmer can bewitch the beholder, it is not surprising that people love colour effects and buy products to suit. With its in-house “Color Competence Center”, ROMIRA has specialized in covering plastics with effect colours. Thus, the Germany based specialist for technical plastics is able to provide… Read more
News from 21.01.2016

New environmentally friendly primer for Polyethylen (PE) in the portfolio of TRAMACO

TRAMACO has developed two environmentally friendly products and thereby has expanded its portfolio by the adhesion promoter TRAPYLEN® 9703 W and the primer TRAPYLEN® 9700 W. Read more
News from 22.09.2015

Mário Coelho Quimica appointed as Market Development Partner in Portugal

On July, 1st 2015, ROMIRA appointed Mário Coelho Quimica as the Market Development Partner for Portugal. Founded in 1972 by Mr. Mário Coehlo, Mário Coelho Quimica is today one of the main family owned distribution companies in Portugal for the plastic and rubber market and part of the MC Group. Situated in Porto, the MC Group serves the Portuguese and Spanish market with 48 dedicated employees and… Read more

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