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Special reprint: A perfect harmony of color, function and process

What the path to the ideal color solution for a plastic component looks like

Special reprint: A perfect harmony of color, function and process

What the path to the ideal color solution for a plastic component looks like
News from 16.09.2022


In addition to flexibility, customer focus and innovation, product quality is one of the key pillars for the ROWA Lack corporate philosophy. For ROWA Lack, product quality also means ensuring consistently high quality in every batch of products manufactured and delivered. Over time, ROWA Lack has implemented ever more comprehensive measures in the incoming raw material inspection and outgoing… Read more
News from 15.09.2022

Color expert ROWA Masterbatch already has the trends of the future in its trade fair kit!

THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE TODAY: For ROWA Masterbatch, keeping in touch with the latest color trends is a matter of course. The company, which specializes in polymerspecific developments and the coloring of plastic applications of all types, always has the current trend colors, such as the color of the year as selected annually by the Pantone Color Institute in its range. But that’s not enough:… Read more
News from 15.09.2022


CRE.ACTIVE Design by ROMIRA Known as an expert in compounds for technical plastics, ROMIRA has offered and developed an innovative portfolio of solutions over many years. The combination of color expertise from the CCC (Color Competence Center) and expertise in the formulation of plastics have resulted in the ability to continually achieve further developments in the possibilities of aesthetic… Read more
News from 08.09.2022

ROWASOL collaborations worth seeing at K

ROWASOL, specialist in liquid colors and dosing systems, will be represented twice at this year’s K from October 19 to 26: Read more
News from 07.09.2022

Sustainability: TRACEL® foaming agents for green plastics

Green plastics - based on renewable resources or featuring biodegradability – are attracting increasing interest. Reduction of carbon footprint or biodegradability under certain conditions are comprising to a product’s sustainability. Read more
News from 05.09.2022

New additives from ROWA Masterbatch improve mechanical properties

Making the (almost) new from the old – Advances for recycling: High quality in polymers is crucial in order to increase their recycling rate. The ROWA Masterbatch laboratories have long accepted this topic – the specialists in the laboratory are constantly working on finding solutions for how plastics can be optimized in order to make meaningful recycling possible. The use of recycled plastics… Read more
News from 18.05.2022


Socket strip with that certain something extra. Order, structure and, last but not least, a comfortable room climate are key factors for a pleasant and efficient workplace - whether an open-plan or individual office, within the company or in a home office. Read more

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