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Special reprint: A perfect harmony of color, function and process

What the path to the ideal color solution for a plastic component looks like

Special reprint: A perfect harmony of color, function and process

What the path to the ideal color solution for a plastic component looks like
News from 06.09.2017

New automotive expert

Strategic alignment and support for local sales staff: In general, these are the tasks of the new Key Account Manager Automotive, Taner Kaplan (47). Read more
News from 06.09.2017

Color 4.0: color references in the plastics sector

Color is an eminently important quality criterion for a large number of components. The human eye can differentiate between up to ten million color shades. This is why, when considering adjacently installed parts (e.g. inside vehicles) or for products with a high recognition value, the color match must be the best possible. Read more
News from 31.08.2017

Unreasonable risk classification of TiO2

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) counts as the most important white pigment. However, after a suggestion of the French National Agency for Food, Environmental, and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) the Risk Assessment Committee (RAC) of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) recommended to classify Titanium dioxide “suspected of having a carcinogenic effect on humans” if inhaled. This would be alike the… Read more
News from 23.08.2017

Styrene copolymer: The rubber makes the difference

Styrene copolymers are in great demand around the world because of their versatility and the correspondingly high number of possible applications – and there is no end in sight. ROMIRA is strongly investing in improving the existing products and developing new, innovative product solutions as a compounder for specialties. Read more
News from 21.08.2017

Do it yourself:
 Color POM yourself with ROWA Masterbatch

POM is a typical technical thermoplastic with good mechanical properties and high dimensional stability and it exhibits excellent low friction and good wear behavior. This material is, therefore, one of the most popular construction materials and it is used for numerous applications. Read more
News from 27.04.2017

Ensure high quality of drinking water

Drinking water – there is probably no other food item, which is checked more intensively! In the German-speaking region, there are higher quality requirements for drinking water from the tap than for industrially packed bottled or mineral waters. This is also reflected in the materials and items, with which the water comes in contact with on its way to the consumer. Read more
News from 25.04.2017

Competence in numerous areas

ROMIRA is expanding its know-how in the field of consumer and industrial goods: In order to establish new products and product groups, the company has strengthened its development team with several employees. Read more

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